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i wish i had a metal heart
i could CROSS the LINE
I need a time-out from life 
7th-Jun-2010 12:45 am
I have had the weirdest day... so weird that I know better than to tell anybody about it. Seriously, if I posted what's happened on my near defunct Facebook, people would be like "HAhahahaha... awwww. Wow, why haven't you killed yourself already?" But then I saw this:

LOL, this photo makes me crack up every time I look at it. Focus on the top half of the picture. It's like, WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT??? WHY IS ANY OF THAT HAPPENING?!?!?

On the other hand, there's this one:

GUUHHHHHHHHHH. It makes me drop everything I'm doing and stare at it, no matter what, every time I see it. I even ogle her hairline. SO PRETTY. Katie McGrath is such a beautiful woman, and I daresay that she makes a more beautiful Morgana than even Eva Green will in Starz's upcoming "Camelot." (Hmm, I just searched for the IMDB page to link it, but it's not there. Not even listed on Green's "In Development" list. Innnnteresting...) And Eva Green is a girlcrush as well. Basically, the character of Morgan Le Fay is one big girlcrush magnet for me, no matter who's playing her, so this is like Christmas come early. (And weirdly enough, both actresses are also my picks for who could play the Scarlet Witch in a movie, if one was ever made that included her. Along with Monica Bellucci... Hmm... It seems I have a type.)

And I just ordered HBO and Showtime for 3 months free again last weekend. I was planning to cancel my Starz for realz this time and switch to HBO once the 3 months ran out, but now... If it turns out that Starz isn't going to deliver on EvaGreen!Morgana, I'm cancelling it with prejudice. Fuckers made me pay 13 bucks a month so they could spam my TV with "Paul Blart: Mall Cop." They're lucky I haven't canceled it already.  "Spartacus" fucking sucked, and "Gravity" had promise until I realized that half the show was about that anorexic guy from that FX show whose face I hate. Much love for "Party Down," though. Too bad that the ratings are terrible - it probably won't have a third season. All the more reason to kick Starz to the curb.

Oh, and I ship Morgana/Uther. If the show was better, I'd ship Merlin/Morgana, but they blew it in the 2nd half of series 2, even with the amazing Moral Event Horizon poisoning episode, so, no, not quite there, sorry Mergana. (God, why do I always start speaking in an Irish accent whenever I read anything about "Merlin?" What is wrong with me?!)

Ughhh. I have to do laundry now (which is coincidentally related to my bad day). Here's some Eva Green for the road:

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