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31st-Jan-2010 04:25 pm - SrsBsns is no longer on TWOP
imra headache
Somebody decided to troll again in the Spoilers thread this time. I like how they take themselves seriously, too. It makes it ironic. I trolled a board once (long, long ago) and made fun of myself too. It made it that much more confusing to the people I was trolling, therefore it was more effective trolling. If you're gonna troll, troll with some self-deprecation, that way everyone can enjoy it, and not just the people who don't care one way or the other. People like me.
I <3 TennisonCollapse )
The first bullet-point is my favorite. Read that sentence out loud with appropriate righteous indignation.

(I am not giving Twilight its own fucking tag...)
20th-Jan-2010 04:17 pm - NOOOO KITTY!!!!
Checking email. TV is on dresser a few feet next to me. Hear kitten meowing plaintively on television. Turn around to see my cat asleep on my bed on my pillow (spoiled brat). I'll make her move in a minute. Keep checking email. Kitten on TV keeps meowing. Glance over at TV. Tiny striped gray kitten is being let out of cage (kitten carrier). Flashlight or something on it. It's night. It is being filmed. It's creepy.

I have a bad feeling. Panic comes over me. I rush to my remote to check the description of what I'm watching on TV.

Skim: Untraceable... Diane Lane... serial killer... victims... on camera....


Nearly jam thumb changing channel on remote. Last glimpse of kitten meowing. House Bunny is coming on.

Sit back down. Try to concentrate on email again. Fail.

Wait several moments.

Anxiously change channel back to Untraceable. Camera pans down hall of office building as credits appear on bottom left corner of screen. No sign of kitten or kitten trauma. Change channel again.

Sit back down. Try to concentrate on email. Fail.

Google: untraceable kitten

Open several articles in new tabs. Two are film reviews. One is Yahoo Answers.

Ctrl+F -  kitten on film review one. Review says kitten dies off camera. Reviewer says kittens can't act, so obvs kitten was not hurt during filming.

Ctrl+F - kitten on film review two. Comments say kitten was killed with heat lamp. My stomach withers.

Yahoo Answers - "What happened to the kitten in Untraceable?" Asker is confused over how kitten died. Answerer says kitten was starved to death.

I want a kitten right this moment so that I can love it and feed it and let it live in a wide open, comfortably temperatured area. I don't want senseless contemplation of random horrible kitten death in my head.

I let my cat keep sleeping on my pillow.

Here is an adorable gif of adorable Kristen Bell pretending to be an adorable kitten.


Again, with the fanmixes. But I'm excited about this one because it has Marvel characters! I technically "started" working on it last February or so, but it was only somewhat based on Felicia/Peter, and even then it had both POV's and I ended up burning it off on a CD called "Dating Catwoman." But that one sucks, so I did this one to make up for it. It had "Keeps Gettin' Better" on it. So, so lazy. Again, this mix still ended up being different than what I'd intended when I started, but I think I like the sense of finality that this version has. Well, as final as Felicia and Peter get, that is...

I had no idea that they had so much push-and-pull shit going on until I looked it up. I was born in the mid-to-late 80's, so I didn't get the chance to read about the relationship as it unfolded in real-time, and my love of Black Cat was fostered by the 90's cartoon version of Felicia Hardy. Jennifer Hale as the VA helped, too. But I love Felicia Hardy in (almost) any incarnation (I'm looking at YOU "Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane" WTF) because she's got that scandalous/glamorous thing going for her and she's fun as hell. She reminds me of those old classic movie star actresses who died young, or got married seven times or whatever. Black Cat's a member of that rare breed of "Sexy Woobie," like the evil but hurting inside Lex Luthor on Smallville. Loneliness + Mischief + Vanity + Devotion + Class + Vulnerability + Sex Appeal + a dash of CRAZY = Felicia Hardy, ladies and gentlemen. And I think she's the bees knees.

Con, it's a fanmix. Pro, it ends with Peter and MJ still married!Collapse )
26th-Nov-2009 11:29 pm - Gniht Elttil Yreve - A Zatanna Mix
stay calm annie
So, I did it again. I made another fanmix. But this one has been "in the works" for a while, as opposed to the last one, yet I feel like it's still missing something. I don't know. I've been wanting to make a Scarlet Witch mix for a while now, and somehow as I was researching Wanda, I stumbled upon Zatanna. And I became intrigued. Plus, this helped me get a bit more familiar with Gimp2, since I am pretty terrible at it. I'll probably still get around to making that Scarlet Witch fanmix, but definitely not anytime soon. Besides, it could turn into something else - seems like everything I try to start eventually does. I will admit that I was half-tempted to just make this a Bruce/Zee mix, probably thanks to Mr. Dini's influence. In my fantasy world, there is a TV show about teenage Bruce (broody, angry, and snarky) and his friends, Tommy Elliot (a total rich douchebag), Zatanna (adorable young Hollywood type), and Harvey Dent (anxious, dogged nice guy). If I still had the willpower to write, I would fanfic it. But to spare the world the horror and myself the embarrassment, I will just share this fanmix about Zatanna Zatara instead.

Skcirt reh slaever reven naicigam aCollapse )
So, here's another fanmix. I've (very) recently downloaded GIMP2, and it is ridiculously better than Splashup Light *pets Splashup Light* though SL is much more my speed LOL. That being said, I still suck at graphics, but I definitely put more effort into these covers than I did for my Saturn Girl Mix, (which worked out great anyway thanks to a generous kindred Imra fan) as I should. This is General Beatrix of Final Fantasy IX we're talking about here. I was definitely more ambitious with this one, because I don't wanna eff this isht up.

stay calm annie
So, fanmixes are fun, right? I think so. But the thing is, I have no iTunes or Photoshop, or art skills, or taste in music. Hmm...Oh well. Here's one anyway. My first fanmix ever. The subject is Imra Ardeen, an obscure comic book character, who is awesome, and the ORIGINAL HBIC - for DC, anyway. A powerful telepath from a moon of Saturn called Titan, she also goes by Saturn Girl.

It would suck to have to keep everyone's secretsCollapse )

*But seriously, use the elenorasweet version for your covers, because they look great!
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