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i wish i had a metal heart
i could CROSS the LINE
I can't stop rolling my eyes long enough to hit the 'add reply' button 
9th-Mar-2010 12:32 am
Oh, JFC, people who think that Danny Pudi is the Human Being, and/or that White Abed is not Danny Pudi. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! AAAGHHHH. Why are there so many of you?! I don't even

I'm only saying this here because I couldn't find an image of "Joey" to use for Fandom Secrets. Reading comments by people who are earnestly clueless makes me so irrationally agitated. I have no idea how some people didn't immediately know that White Abed was played by the same actor who plays Abed. Like, really? Really? REALLY?!?!!!!!

I can't help but wonder if the ones wondering are all white people.

(And seriously, Danny Pudi is not the only skinny person in the world. I'm not sure what it means when so many assume that the guy in the creepy costume must be the brown guy underneath, but there is NO WAY that he could be that cool white guy.

Just kidding. I don't filter my view of the world through racism goggles, so I won't legitimately accuse anyone of racism over something so petty and circumstantial. And in this case it's not racism. Some people are just that stupid.)

Anyway, I am loving Community. But oh-em-gee, some of the fans make me want to beat on my keyboard until my hands turn to bloody stumps, like that stick figure guy gif before he started beating his head against his desk and killed himself.

Hyyyhhhhh. I feel a little better. You know, maybe I'm just annoyed because I secretly want my fandom to be clever, so that I don't have to be embarrassed for watching a sitcom. But nooo. Stuff like this is why I stopped watching network television for nearly 5 years.

Wow. My first official rant!post. And it was over a television sitcom. Guess I am a nerd...

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